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The Swiss army knife of firepits
So I bought it to burn my brush, and yeah I started to think about what I could cook while I was doing it. First, I used my grill basket to cook some chicken, then I gotI tried the Weber conversion kit. It took a while to learn the method, but in the end, it worked just fine. I couldn't get the heat high enough to do any smoking yet, but I just heard that I can use a fan blower attachment to fix that. Looking forward to trying a rotisserie, wok, and who know what else. See what I mean - versatile.
Armando S
Boat captain
Looking for feedstock
I'm glad I can cook on this thing. In only 2 months I've not only burned all of my yard waste, but 3 of my neighbor's brush piles and some scrap wood from some old pallets. Time to take a walk in the woods.
Woodworker / Self
I love this thing
I just like the way its designed. Clean, sturdy, functional. Nice paint job too. After 3 or four burns it still looks like new - and it has snowed here!
Billy J
Lawyer / BDD &F
I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. I was only looking for a way to make biochar but now I can cook with it too? Sweet.
Robert N
Fireman / SHPD
Can’t wait to do the next burn
I'm getting a bit addicted to this. It's more work than I thought (prepping the feedstock) but now I even look forward to that (I got the right tools). It is very satisfying to break down and render all that brush and I like to watch it burn. The charcoal is piling up but I am finding uses for it. Grilling worked great, now I am trying it out as a smoker this weekend. I wish I had more time to do more burns. Really.
Bruce F
Owner / SpitJack
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