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Below are some other sources of information that we have found to be useful in expanding our understanding about many of the topics discussed on this site:


  1. The International Biochar Initiative  – this is the premier organization for the education, advocacy, research and technology of biochar.
  2. Hugh McLaughlin – Biochar: A Powerful Tool for Carbon Farming
    Hugh McLaughlin, an engineer and expert in biochar and activated carbon, discusses the many applications of biochar for environmental improvement and its role in reversing global warming.

  3. Ithaka Institute – The Ithaka Institute is an international open source network for carbon intelligence and the creators of the Kon-Tiki kiln.
  4. Backyard Biochar -The original and most comprehensive resource for basic biochar applications. This is where the cone and pyramid kilns (cousins of the CharCone) were first introduced and continue to be developed by a vibrant community created by Kelpie Wilson.
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