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What we are:
CharCone is not a company per se but a product developed by SpitJack, a manufacturer and retailer of specialty cooking equipment in Massachusetts.

favicon-charcone-152The mission:
The CharCone project hopes to enable the responsible creation and sequestration of charcoal (biochar) as a way to help mitigate the current climate crisis.

The CharCone came about because of the owner’s keen interest in both food and biochar. Designing a fire pit/grill that makes charcoal while you cook? And then using that charcoal to help grow the plants in the garden? And at the end of the day by doing all of that it actually helps fight climate change and save the planet? And having the resources and capability to make it happen? Hard to walk away from.

Bruce is the owner of
SpitJack, an eCommerce retail and manufacturing company in Easthampton Massachusetts. Bruce has been a chef, restaurateur and web designer before he reincarnated as an eMerchant. The CharCone, his latest production, comes from his passion about biochar and his effort do something to make his daughter proud of him.

Frank is SpitJack’s engineer, product designer, manufacturing coordinator, inventory and logistic specialist and delivery man. He is responsible for the design, engineering, launch and management of most of SpitJack’s big rotisseries and now, the CharCone.

Brandon is SpitJack’s warehouse and shipping manager and packaging specialist. He is one who will be making sure you receive everything that you ordered, on time and in good condition. He is also our official sports analyst and fantasy football guru.

Cody is our WP guy, SEO consultant, social media expert, videographer, photographer, and troubleshooter. You wouldn’t be reading this without Cody.

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