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  • Sun
    10:00 amAstarte Farm, Hadley, MA

    A joint event featuring Dr. Emily Cole, professor of soil ecosystems and environmental education at Westfield State University, Hugh McLaughlin, PhD, an expert on the properties and production of chars,  and the subsequent conversion to activated carbons, Dan Pratt, Astarte Farm manager, who has developed his methods of organic soil improvement over the last 45 years and a CharCone burn to demonstrate small scale biochar production.

  • Sat
    5:00 PM - 10:00 PM Oxbow Marina, 180 Island Road, Northampton, MA

    TRIPLE CharCone bonfire and marshmallow roast. 40 lbs. of char made in 1.5 hrs.

  • Sat
    10 AM - 4 PMShelburne, VT

    A double burn (two CharCones) at Shelburne Farms in Vermont with some CHARBECUE -  sausage and CharCone smoked drumsticks - cooked along the way. Special thanks to Marshall Webb of Shelburne Farms and Jock Gill for the invitation, help and hospitality. About 80 lbs. of char created in 6 hrs.!

    "Shelburne Farms is a working farm, including a dairy, Market Garden, and woodlands. The food that we grow honors and preserves the land it comes from. That's what building a sustainable food system is all about. "

  • Sat
    2-4PMGrow Food Northampton Community Garden, Florence MA

    When:      Saturday, October 29th 2016
    Time:        2:00 – 4:00 PM (this is not a formal class – come anytime, stay for as long as you want)
    Where:     GFN’s Community Garden - 140 Meadow St, Northampton, MA 01062
    Who:        Everyone is invited – members and non-members. Bruce Frankel will be the presenter
    Cost:        Free

    Saturday’s Workshop

    Biochar is a natural and safe soil amendment that when properly applied builds long-term fertility while retaining moisture and builds healthy microbial communities within your garden.

    By processing (burning) waste wood scraps into charcoal, over 50% of the carbon value is retained and stabilized. Once mixed with compost or soil, that carbon is permanently removed from the carbon cycle and is then called biochar. Using a specially designed biochar “kiln”, wood waste from the garden, and fire, we will create enough charcoal and real carbon credits to equal the replacement of three 75W incandescent lightbulbs!

    The element of fire can be destructive but is also essential in transforming and renewing our environment. Come and join us to see how easy it is to make biochar and how to prepare it for addition to your garden.

    Hard to believe? Too good to be true? Come and let us convince you otherwise.

    Also, so as not to waste the heat we will be creating, some refreshments (BBQ chicken, marshmallows) will be cooked over the fire and served during the demonstration.

    Ready-to-use biochar and compost blend will be available for all attendees for take away and use in their GFN garden plot.

    For more information on biochar and the equipment that will be used in the demonstration, go to

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